Jack in the Box





Halloween Just Got a Little Tastier err--Scarier? 

We helped Jack in the Box cook up a seriously spooky Halloween campaign featuring the brand’s first-ever horror short, “Feeding Time,” which was unveiled on Friday, October 13 (naturally).  

Written by Hollywood horror writers responsible for chills & thrills like, “You”, “Saw” and “American Horror Story: 1984,” “Feeding Time” is an ode to all things that make Halloween the holiday for the unruly ones: spooky scares, creepy costumes and ghoulish fun. 

Perfectly aligned with the unruly nature of Jack Box himself, the brand’s 2023 Halloween campaign inspiration stems from the question: How can we deliver something fans want at this time of year but wouldn’t quite expect from Jack in the Box, yet still feels authentic? 

Jack in the Box has an unruly streak, and the best horror films often contain a kernel of wry humor, so the brand and the genre were the perfect monster mash. 



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