You Don't Have to be a Celebrity to Deserve Something Special

How do you break through with a legacy banking product that people think they already know? This was Discover's challenge as they re-introduced their tried and true credit card. Discover had made very straightforward communications about its credit card, which led to a recurring problem in breakthrough for the brand's communications. 

Our task was to create a campaign that was different and groundbreaking. To do this, we focused on the cultural tension baked into the brand POV about giving everyone access to a great experience. Discover has always treated everyone with the same great service, no matter how much they spend. This is unusual in today's world where only "VIPs" get VIP treatment. 

So, we partnered with award-winning actress Jennifer Coolidge, and unlike celebrity shills in other bank campaigns, we put her as the foil at the heart of the story to show how great it feels to be treated well just for using your Discover card (and how surprised this A-lister was when she found out that she gets treated well just for being a customer). 



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